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Stockholm Syndrome

Hello! I wrote a little ficlet I'd like to share with everyone. I have a weird fascination with Stockholm Syndrome and Magneto. Heh. Anyway, it's pretty short, less than 600 words. I owe a lot to srichard, with whom I co-wrote a Magneto/Rogue fic that is very, very long, but based on the same premise. :D

Title: Stockholm Syndrome
Author: Sionnain (sionnainw@gmail dot com)
Fandom: Xmen, Movie!Verse.
Pairing: Magneto/Rogue
Rating: PG for hints of adult things
Word count: 566
Summary: He found a way to touch her body, but it's what he's done to her mind that she fears.

She’s still afraid of him, even after what she’s given him, even though he is the only person in the entire world that can touch her bare skin. She still hates that, sort of, because it’s not fair.

Sometimes she’ll sit in the chair in his study, and she’ll read books about psychology. She asked him once why he had them, and he’d given her his enigmatic smile with his cold grey eyes focused intently on her, tapping the side of his head lightly.

“Study of the mind, Marie.”

He never calls her Rogue.

Most of the Brotherhood do not use their first names. She only knows them because he knows them, and though he has found some way to touch her without him dying, she still absorbs things from him; she still knows things she shouldn’t.

One night she woke up speaking a language she did not know; he left her alone and did not speak to her for a week. There are shadows in his eyes she never wants to understand, and she is grateful, actually, that she did not know what it was she said.

When he first took her, she had fought him, his indoctrination of her, his patient attempts to control her power and her mind with the forbidden lure of touch. She’d given in eventually with relief, because fighting him was painful.

He is inventive with punishments that afford no physical pain, but make her mind shriek in agony.

She loves him, after a fashion. She will never tell him, though maybe she should.


“I read a book about Stockholm Syndrome today,” she tells him one night, dressed in a tank top and pajama pants and sitting on the edge of the bed they share.

“Did you?” He is standing at the window, looking out at the darkness, a forlorn figure. Sometimes she thinks that he is more dangerous to touch than she is. The thought makes her shiver and not entirely in fear.

“Yeah.” She knows he hates the way she talks, slurring words. Her accent is more pronounced when she’s agitated, which means she sounds more like a Southerner around him then she ever does. Even with Gambit, whose speech patterns are comforting, like home, she sounds more like Rogue than Marie.

“And what did you think of it, Marie?” Indulgent; as if she’s a child, telling him about a program she saw on television.

“Thought it was crazy. Maybe. I dunno. Maybe it made sense.” She twines the sheet in her hands and bites her lip. “It made sense to me.” Her voice is very quiet, but the room is cold and metal and it seems to echo.

He laughs coldly, and she feels the slow, hot stir of desire, for he has confused her so that she inexplicably links the two together. “Did it, now.”

“Yeah,” she agrees, lying back, hands stretched out above her so he can restrain her—he may be able to touch her, but he does not accord her the same privilege. “Yeah, it did.”

She waits patiently as he approaches the bed, moving effortlessly. She has always thought him oddly graceful. He stands beside the bed and caresses her cheek briefly with his fingers.

“Stockholm Syndrome,” he says, amused. “Marie. Honestly.”

She grins—dare one say roguishly?—and her eyes slide close as he turns out the light.


Creepy and good! I can actually see this, though that's a pairing that's hard to make work in movieverse.

He laughs coldly, and she feels the slow, hot stir of desire, for he has confused her so that she inexplicably links the two together.

Great line! I enjoyed this!
Thank you! I must admit I owe a lot of this to a fic I cowrote with srichard, Persuasion, though it is very loooong. As in, 50,000 words long. *G*

I really like the idea that he captures her with touch and then she's all confused since she has that, but him, too. It makes things so deliciously maniacal.

Thanks so much for reading and leaving a comment! This is my first foray really into this fandom on my own. *hugs*
I really liked it. And now I'm running off to read your other piece that you had mentioned earlier. Great work.

Oh! Thank you so much. The other is very long, but you can find it at virtue_and_vice. It's called Persuasion.

Thanks so much for the nice comment!

Sometimes she thinks that he is more dangerous to touch than she is.

An interesting thought. I will have to look up the other fic you mentioned, but this works very well on its own.
Thanks :) I'm rather fascinated by the whole dynamic of fear/attraction, and these two just seem to shine with it for me. Thank you so much for the nice review!

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