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Fic: Helter Skelter (Rogue/Sabertooth)

Title- Helter Skelter
Author- Judasmalfoy
Summary-  Takes place 10 years after X-3 ( she didn't take the cure but figured out how to control her powers.) Rogue has grown tired of the white-hat image of the X-Men and goes off the reservation and has been using her training to become an assassin for hire. But things get complicated when she's contracted to kill one Victor Creed. Based on the songs of the Beatles (it's wierd but it works).
Disclaimer- I own nothing
Pairing- Rogue/Sabertooth (not the Tyler Mane Sabertooth but the Liev Schreiber one.)
Rated- R (for now) for violence, language, character death, sex (the angry variety), and betrayal

Based on the song "Nowhere Man" by the Beatles



Rogue really didn't know what was so fantastic about Canada that made Logan and Victor want to spend most of their free time there. It was insanely cold and and the places they were most likely to found wasn't anywhere near what could be called civilization. She sighed as she looked at the map that her employer had faxed to her, the feral was living out in the middle of the woods in a small cabin.

She had been slightly taken aback when she learned he was living in an actual structure. Rogue had imagined more of a cave or maybe just sleeping a tree. The big mutant wasn't necessarily known for his humanity but then again it had been 12 years and maybe he had just gotten a craving for centralized air. 

Victor hadn't worked for Magneto since Liberty Island, but he hadn't turned over a shiny new leaf in the least. According to his file, he was a lot like her; he took on the first job he was asked for, the more violence the better.  

The road before her was open and desolate as she headed deeper into the Canadian Rockies, the heart of nowhere. Rogue had made it over the boarder with no fuss, her weapons all hidden in strategic custom made compartments in the small car. The light was falling beyond the horizon and she knew she would end up driving through the night to reach her destination. She only had a week and a half to get the job complicated, which was longer than most of the jobs Rogue was assigned for. But Victor would take a little more to kill than just a bullet to the head, which would require a bit more finese.

Rogue smirked and just turned the radio up to almost it's maximum, no one was around to hear.

The sun was setting and Victor sat on his small front porch in a rickety old chair that barely held his weight. A half used cigarette in one hand as it's partner gripped the neck of a Jack Daniel's bottle. He had been waiting all day on his mystery guest and they had yet to show themselves.

He was growing annoyed and bored with sitting still for so long. Normally he'd be on the hunt for whoever was hunting him, but he was curious so he stayed put. He hadn't been contacted by anyone for anything messy and fun for two weeks and he was going slightly stir crazy. The animals surrounding his domain were suffering from his lack of work, but he did have enough meat stored to get him through the winter and then some.

Victor sighed and moved to prop his feet up on the porch railing and he shifted further down in his seat before taking a swig of Jack. The sun hid itself behind the rising mountains and darkness came in its absence. The bug zapper responded accordingly and switched on, humming softly in the cool night air.

The feral closed his eyes and let his other senses take over. He coud hear animals taking to their shelters for the long night, while others began to wake and roam the land. Victor inhaled deeply and opened his eyes as he caught the scent of a female mutant making her way stealthily to his humble abode. She reeked of gun powder, motor oil, and cigarette smoke; Camel Lights if he was correct and he knew he was. Underneath the other powerful scents was Strawberry shampoo and Honeysuckle.

Victor could only remember one person with that unique combonation of scents. The feral took another swig of Jack and as he moved to set it down on the porch, a gunshot resounded throughout the woods and the glass bottle shattered, spilling the precious liquid all over the weathered wood.

"Bitch, that was a new bottle," he grumbled as he dropped his cigarette and ground it out with the toe of his boot.

Another shot and Victor tilted his head to the left to avoid the bullet meant for the space between his eyes. "I know you know that won't kill me, you have my attention sweet cheeks, to what do I owe this pleasure?" he asked as he stepped off the porch and began to walk over to the tree she was currently in.

She didn't answer and he could hear her moving through the branches, trying to retreat. "You come all this way to shoot at me twice and then leave?" the feral asked in amusement. "Come on girly, you might as well tell me why you're here, or at least give me some money to replace the liquor you robbed me of."

The young woman was moving farther and farther away from him and he shrugged happily before giving chase.


He was right behind her and heading straight towards her trap. If she was lucky he would be stupid enough to fall for into her hastily made ambush. His change in demeanor from the snarling beast that barely said three intelligable words to the snarling sarcastic beast suggested that maybe she should have read the rest of the file she had been given.

She dropped to the ground and barely stumbled before she took off through the dark forest. Rogue couldn't help but wish she had super-human speed like that Pietro Maximoff she had heard off a few years back. It certainly would make running away from a homicidal maniac a lot easier and less worrisome.

A premature sigh of relief passed her lips as she saw the cluster of trees she had charged with high explosives coming closer and closer to her. It was highly unlikely that the explosion would kill him but she was almost certain that it would knock him out long enough to chop his head off. Slipping her hand into her jacket pocket she grasped the detonater ready to flip the switch as soon as she was in the clear.

Her heart was pounding in her ears as she passed the first few trees rigged to explode. Rogue's legs burned from being pushed so hard but despite the pain she pressed on. Just a little further and the dark night would be lit up like a Vietnam war zone.

Rogue cried out in surprise as what felt like a brick wall side swiped her. The young woman hit the ground hard, Victor landing on top of her, smothering him with his muscled wieght. Her vision blurred as she looked up at the feral's dark face, she tried to trigger the bombs but found that she couldn't move with Victor on top of her and there was no place where their skin was touching. He certainly was smarter than she had given him credit, damned cat that he was.  

"Long time no see kid," he growled softly.

Her eyes closed and she sighed tiredly, resigned to her death in the middle of nowhere at the hands of Logan's sworn enemy. Consciousness left her swiftly and she went completely limp beneath him.

Victor chuckled as he looked down at her. She had certainly grown up into a beautiful woman since the last time he had seen her. The white streaks she had recieved from powering Magento's mutant making machine still adorned her shoulder length hair. Her lanky frame had filled out into a nice hour glass figure and she had grown an impressive set of tits as well, the soft humps pressed against his broad chest in a pleasant sensual way.

He leaned down to sniff her neck, making sure not to touch her skin. She was out like a light and it would be easy to kill her without a second thought. It certainly would get Wolverine's blood boiling if he shipped her dismembered body to him on overnight Fed-Ex.

The feral was curious, however, it had been years since he had last seen her. It didn't make any sense for her to come after him for kidnapping her 12 years prior. Especially with a sniper rifle and numerous sets of high explosives that she had rigged the trees around them with.

Moving off of her prone body he quickly picked her off the ground and began to make his way back to his cabin. What he would do with her once he got her there he had no idea.




Never ever read about this paring before but I like where this is going. Can't wait to read more. Your writing skills are fantastic.

Re: :D

I'm really glad you like it. I was kind of worrying no one would read it because the pairing is really off the wall and the concept of basing every chapter on a Beatles song despite the content. More soon and again I'm glad you like it.
I have recently developed a huge thing for Rogue/Sabertooth and am enjoying this EMMENSELY!

I really hope to see a continution to this. I love the premise, and the writing is well done:)

Thank you so much for feeding my addiction!

In the first chapter, I like how you go quickly into how Rogue became what she is. It was short, but also believable that it didn't need a ton of exposition. Rogue really has absorbed more black hats what white, yes?

I also like how you move the Mane-Sabertooth to his Schreiber incarnation. Bringing the mutation back down, so to speak.

In this second chapter, loved Victor scenting her, and how completely nonchalant he is about being shot at;)

Can't wait for the angry sex, and their snapping at each other!

You should consider posting this to sabretooth_fans, if you haven't already.

Long-winded comment :)

Thank you for the long comment. Usually it's just great chapter and that's it (not that I'm ungrateful for those type comments but it's more fun to see longer comments)

Anyway, I was going to keep Sabretooth in his Tyler Mane form but that incarnation didn't hardly talk and didn't really move like Sabretooth should (he kinda just clomped around like Frankenstien's monster) and so I had to move him back to his Schrieber form. Also, he's been shot at so many times in his life I think he just expects it now ya know. It's going to be a lot of fun to write this with all the violence, sarcasm, and raunchiness coming into the fray. As for Rogue, she always seemed to not really belong in the X-Men (neither does Wolverine if you think about it) so I wanted to write her in something where she isn't the sweet innocent southern girl she usually is in fanfics. Which she really isn't because how can you be with Magento and Wolverine in your head.

Just in case you were wondering about why I chose to name the fic Helter Skelter (probably not but I was just proud that I managed to tie it in with the fic). The whole song Helter Skelter is about the rise and fall or the downward spiral of people (it's also about a slide in England but the other explanation is deeper). The whole fic is going to be Victor and Rogue's rise and fall really.

Ok I'm going to shut up now and thank you so much for the link to the sabretooth community I really appreciate it.

Re: Long-winded comment :)

I am totally with you on the longer comments; those are the ones I squee over when I receive them, so I try and give them when I'm really into a fic:)

lol, he did clomp didn't he? And his voice is nowhere near Schreiber's deepness. My god, that man's VOICE! The Sabretooth of 'X-Men' was more of a large punching bag for Logan, whereas 'Origins' Sabretooth was a full-on quippy badass. He felt a lot more dangerous.

the sweet innocent southern girl she usually is in fanfics

Now I'm curious which fics you've been reading. The majority of fics I've read she's got a whole lotta fight in her. The WRFFA has some really good Rogue writers if you're into the Logan/Rogue. It's where I started and found Laenwyn & SkyBlue Rae's work.

They write a good deal of Rogue/Sabretooth, are you familiar with their work over at fic_den?

It's where I've been getting my fixes, while waiting for new fic like yours:D

Re: Long-winded comment :)

I usually don't really read very many fics with Rogue in them, I come from a more slash oriented world but as much as I want to I just can't really put Victor with another guy unless its Deadpool. I've already written a fic with Victor and Kitty as one of the main couples. Anyway back to Rogue, the fics I do read on fanfiction.net (because it's easier to find certain pairings) the majority of fics I find is Rogue all strung out over Logan and "oh woe is me I love him but I can't touch him woe, woe, woe-y, woe." It gets annoying after awhile which sucks cause I like Rogue when she's kickin ass and takin names.

Holy fuck-balls Liev Schreiber's voice is just guh. Naomi Watts is one lucky woman, I bet all he has to do is whisper in her ear and she creams her panties. The whole time in Origins I was just marveling at how much of a sarcastic evil bastard he was, which is more like the one from the comics.

Yay more Rogue/Sabretooth shippers like me ::pounces on link::

Thanks so much for all these kick ass communities. You rox! :3

Re: Long-winded comment :)

Slash is one of the greatest things ever \o/

I've pretty much stopped reading from ff.net. It's getting so clogged with crap, it takes forever to hunt down good fics.

LOL. In the fics I read, she usually has a plan to trap him;)

Liev's voice = TRU FAX

I marvel at how he can go from dangerously evil in Origins, to completely adorable in Sphere or Kate and Leopold ^,^

I like characters with depth, and he put that into Victor. But then again, the X-Men films are known for packing in as many mutants as they can so hardly anyone gets character development the way I like :(

Dude, enjoy those fics. The Torn trilogy and Insatiable are AMAZING. And the Creed characterization? Mmmmmmmm.


Re: Long-winded comment :)

The only person that gets any slight character development in those movies is Wolverine cause every single one of the X-Men movies has been about him. I think Liev was like "Hugh, I love ya buddy but fuck off this is my time to shine, I will violently steal every scene we're in and probably get an MTV Movie Award for most kickass villain."

I love in the movie how you could see how dangerous and insane Creed is but Liev put just a little bit more behind it, like the man he used to be was still in there and just wanted Logan to be his little brother again. Or maybe I'm over analyzing everything, either way Liev was damn good.

I started reading that Insatiable fic and it's really good even if Victor is god knows how old and Rogue is like fourteen or fifteen.

Re: Long-winded comment :)

Yep. Every single movie has been all Wolverine. I would have loved the ACTUAL Dark Phoneix to have a run but X3 does not exist. IT NEVER HAPPENED.

And YES. Best Villain hands down. That would be awesome.

Well if you're overanalyzing then so was I. Victor's got too much pride to ask Logan to come back, and since he was acting as Creed's conscience...

I always pegged Rogue around 17, even when I read that fic.

And yeah, given Logan and Victor's age they'd be robbing the cradle even if they picked up ladies from the old folk's home...


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Nice site,i have bookmarked it for later use, thanks.