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frogfarm in xmmff

FIC: "even in vegas (thought that counts)", Rogue/Jean, EXPLICIT

Much as I hate spoilers, take note of the tags. Hope to see you on the other side. Because despite appearances, this is much sweeter than it sounds.

"Is this your mind or mine?"

"She took on a few of your more charming personality traits for a while. But we lived through it."

Title: even in vegas (thought that counts)
Author: frogfarm
Relationships: Rogue/Jean Grey, Rogue & Logan, indirect Logan/Rogue, indirect Logan/Jean Grey, indirect Jean Grey/Logan/Rogue
Summary: When Rogue wakes up, Jean's all she can think about.
Rating: Explicit as all get out
Length:10,369 words
Setting: Missing scenes from near the end of X1.
Characters: Rogue, Jean Grey, Logan (Rogue POV)

awkwardness, awkward romance, awkward sexual situations, awkward first times, age difference, first time, loss of virginity, explicit consent, enthusiastic consent, angst and fluff and smut, angst with a happy ending, angst and humor, angst and porn, porn with feelings, skin hunger, mutant powers, cheating, trust, illusions, telepathy, virtual reality, comfort sex, emotional sex, rough sex, mind sex, possessive sex, telepathic sex, vaginal sex, oral sex, transformation, genderqueer, uncircumcised penis, girl penis, anal play, face-fucking, copious amounts of cum, crack treated seriously, bechdel test fail, I'm going to the special hell, the author regrets nothing, contender for biggest femslash bechdel test fail ever

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