F.A. MacNeil (to_cry_about) wrote in xmmff,
F.A. MacNeil

Complete novel: The Aphanes (gen, Xavier & OC)

This fic is ancient, but I've revamped it a lot and put it up on AO3.

Title: The Aphanes
Author: F.A. MacNeil (to_cry_about)
Email: surlybird at gmail dot com
Word Count: 70,293
Warnings: Language, brief violence, and copious introspection. Big trigger warning for mental illness issues and suicidal thoughts/attempts. Lots of original characters.
Summary: A troubled young mutant from Ottawa is referred to Dr. Xavier, and Charles must struggle with his own limitations in order to break through the boy's defences. Meanwhile, tensions rise up north as a small anti-mutant group begins to shake things up.

This novel is complete, and soon to be followed by the sequel. Read at AO3.
Tags: oc, xavier
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