mayachain (mayachain) wrote in xmmff,

[fic] An alternate universe in 19 scenes: Days of Futures Past edition (Ensemble, PG-13)

Title: An alternate universe in 19 scenes: Days of Futures Past edition
Author: mayachain
POV Characters: Bobby, Jubilee, Kitty, Siryn, Scott, Ororo, Logan, St. John, Erik, Charles, Mystique, Hank, Alex, Stryker
Genre: mostly gen
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2273
Spoilers: through DoFP
Summary: In an alternate timeline, one of Stryker's soldiers kidnapped St John during the X2-raid. The family his little group of imprisoned x-kids made impacts the events of "Days of Futures Past" accordingly.
Notes: Previous parts of this AU are here. I've been writing this on an off since DoFP came out and... nearly made it before the release of the new movie?
Tags: bobby, bobby/john, ensemble, fanfiction, hank mccoy, john, kitty, logan, magneto, scott, storm, xavier

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