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[Fic] Seasons of Change (Scott Summers x Reader) Part 1

Pairing: Scott Summers x Reader (post-XMA)
Characters: Scott Summers, Jubilation Lee, Kurt Wagner, Jean Grey, Professor Xavier. A cameo or two with Hank McCoy and Peter Maximoff.
Overall Rating: MA (with a slow build, this part is PG-13)
Words: 1768
Warnings: zero, zip, zilch, nada.

“… She tries to discern the faces of the ones she will soon battle, when she spots that familiar yellow jacket. It has always been her trademark. Then it only takes a couple of seconds before she also notices him. The glint of his visor is almost blinding to her sight and it makes her heart beat faster. Hovering above her former best friend and high school sweetheart brings back more memories than she could have possibly imagined. The familiarity of their faces makes her wonder whether their hearts sometimes ache for a time when circumstances were simpler, when life was easier and their bonds were still strong…”

A retrospective look at how meaningful relationships were formed, then grew deep, and eventually fell to pieces.

Part 1/25. Find it on tumblr / AO3
Tags: jubilee, scott
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