Rachel Martin (rachel_martin64) wrote in xmmff,
Rachel Martin

[FIC] The Wily Odysseus

I am not sure if this community is still active, or if X-Men Movieverse fandom is active anymore, but I have been on a writing jag lately and wanted to share.

Title: The Wily Odysseus
Author: Rachel_Martin64
Pairings: Jean Grey/Scott Summers; Jean Grey/Logan; Rogue/Scott Summers; Logan/Rogue; Ororo Munroe & Scott Summers; Emma Frost/Warren Worthington III; Emma Frost & Scott Summers; Bobby Drake & Scott Summers
Characters: Scott Summers, Logan, Jean Grey, Rogue, Ororo Munroe, Warren Worthington III, Bobby Drake, Charles Xavier, Emma Frost, Jean Grey as the Phoenix
Overall Rating: Mature
Word Count: 20,000 (12 chapters)
This story is not finished.
Warnings: Sexist language
Summary: All outcomes are acceptable. After Liberty Island, a machiavellian and possibly insane Scott solves his Logan problem for once and for all. This is X1, and immediately after X1, with many references to the later movies. There’s a lot of worldbuilding in this story -- my ideas of how the school and team operate and how the residents of the mansion interact with each other.

Tags: bobby, emma frost, fanfiction, jean, logan, logan/jean, logan/rogue, phoenix, rogue, scott, scott/jean, scott/rogue, storm, warren, xavier

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